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"For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten Son. So that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16

Our Mission

  • Share our understanding of, vision for, and commitment to mission.

  • Share people in mission.

  • Share financial and material resources for mission.

  • In pursuit of these aims, each Member Church is called to share its resources of prayer, people, money, gifts, faith, experience and understanding with all other Member Churches, as labourers together with Christ. This means both giving and receiving.

Our Mission
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Core Values

  • Practices of careful listening where all voices are heard

  • Equal delegate participation in decision making

  • The autonomy of Member Churches to state their own mission priorities

  • Partnership

  • Recognition and stewardship of all gifts

  • Mutuality in relationship

  •  Gender equality in diverse forms of ministry

  •  Dignity and respect

  •  Voluntary financial contribution

Kids in Church


CANACOM exists to foster partnership in mission among Churches in the Caribbean and North American region through sharing of resources, accompaniment, and empowerment for creative engagement in God’s mission in our local communities and global context.


There are fourteen (14) member churches attached to CANACOM. (see Member Churches for more details)

Common Areas For Mission

  • Theological Education

  • Education in Mission

  • Evangelism

  • Youth/Young Adult Ministry

  • Pastoral Support

  • Church Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Peace and Justice

  • Social Service

  • Development Action

  • Healing Ministry


The following areas of mission have been selected as priorities for CANACOM:

  1. Human trafficking

  2. Poverty and Inequality

  3. Church growth and renewal

  4. Gender and violence

  5. Please see our resources section for more information on these issues.


The Council

Each Member Church is allowed two delegates to attend biennial Council Meetings where the work and testimony of CANACOM for the next term is reviewed and recorded. In addition to the delegates, there is also a youth / young adult representative, each from the Caribbean and North America; a representative of the Council for World Mission; and observers to the meetings.

Administrative Committee

Elected at Council Meetings, the Administrative Committee (AC)  is selected by the

delegates.  However the Young Adults Representatives (YA Rep)  have been

selected after applying for the position.  AC Members are elected for ONE term, but

may be re-elected for office.   The AC membership comprises -


Rev. Carlington Keen                     Chair (UCJCI)

Rev. Izett Sama Hernandez         Deputy Chair (IPRC)

Rev. Diana de Graven                    Secretary (RCS)

Mrs. Merle Buchanan                      Treasurer (UCJCI)

Rev. Dr. Jo Ella Holman                North American Representative (PCUSA)

Ms Farida Da Costa Gomez          Caribbean Representative (VPGC)

Ms Debesha Grant                          Caribbean Young Adult Representative (UCJCI)

Mr. Miguel Rosa Morales               North American Young Adult Representative




The Finance and Administration Support Group (FASG) was instituted to provide support for the EIM-S and Administrative Assistant of CANACOM. It is located in Jamaica along with the Secretariat. The

FASG does not make decisions but rather enables the EIM-S to ensure her work helps CANACOM thrive.

The Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff or Secretariat is responsible for the implementing the goals and projects of CANACOM. Currently, Jennifer P Martin holds the position of Education in Mission Secretary, and Ms. Leslene Laing serves as Administrative Assistant.


The Education in Mission Secretary (EIM-S):

  • Provides opportunities for Churches to develop and share ideas which focus on the partnership in mission enterprise.

  • Designs, organizes, implement and monitor programmes of education in mission in consultation with the Member Churches of CWM (Caribbean Region) and CANACOM.

  • Arranges programmes, etc., with the intention of promoting mission by the Member Churches.

  • Makes quarterly reports to the Finance and Administrative Support Group in the country of residence of the Secretary, and annual reports to CWM and CANACOM.

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