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A triennial event rotated between Member church countries.  Host countries supply part of the funds, with participants and CANACOM offsetting the balance.

Joint Mission Action Team/Mission Volunteer Project


Originally cast as a triennial event, the JOMAT exists as the need arises in host countries.  A team of up to 4 persons is assigned to meet a community-based need in the service sector (counselling, training, other) for a period of 6 months or more.

Image by Joel Muniz

Sharing of People


 Assignment of an individual for a short term or medium term programme which include youth ministry, camp leadership, and pastoring.

Grant Programmes


  • Project Grants - a one-time grant used to support short-term or transitional projects

  • Empowerment Grants - provided as needed for longer term projects.

  • Disaster Fund - recently re-established; provision as required

  • Special Grants - Special grants have been allotted to meet a particular need as per the recommendation of Council.

Investment Chart

Council Meeting


​Council Meetings are held biennially.  Regardless of the size, each Member Churches has  the right to send two (2) delegates to Council.

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